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Why work as a team?
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Teamwork Styles

Working as a team is a challenging task. It is helpful to have a basic understanding of what can happen when groups of people work together. The information is especially useful if you are the team leader. Understanding teamwork styles helps you recognize where people are coming from, avoid potential conflicts that can hinder the progress of your team, and keep your team "on task". Understanding "teamwork styles" also helps you concentrate more on the task at hand -improving milk quality - than spending valuable meeting time resolving personal issues. Teams are made up of many people with different backgrounds. This diversity makes the team strong and flexible. When working as a team, members relate to each other in a variety of ways.



Some people are task-oriented (focus on the job to be done) while others are people-oriented (focus on relationships with other members). Some members are thinkers (reflective

about their work) while others are doers (discuss their work openly). All members have all of these skills. They are both task-oriented and people-oriented as well as thinkers and doers. However, each member has a preference for the way they interact. This combination is what makes each team and team members unique.