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Working in a team

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Working in a team
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Team Development

1. Get Acquainted

Teams work better if members know each other. Spend some time at the first meeting getting acquainted. Informal discussions before the meeting begins are helpful. It is important that each person speaks at least once at the first meeting. This makes it easier to communicate in the future. Have each team member introduce themselves and to explain why it is that they are involved in this project.

2. Explain The Project

Following the introductions, the team leader will explain the project and how it works. For the project to move forward, all team members must have a clear understanding of the farm situation to be able to help develop the project goals.

3.Planning Your Milk Quality Program

In planning your program, your milk quality team will identify the milk quality priorities and goals for your farm. An action plan will be developed from these priorities and goals. In the action plan, the team will identify "what needs to be done" and "who will be responsible."

4. Implement the Project

Put simply, follow the action plan! This is the step that that gets the work done and leads to improving milk quality on your farm.