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Jade Trinidad is a second year BSA student in P.U.P (Polytechnic University of the Philippines). She is the second in the offspring of their beloved parents namely Ester and Felimon Jr. Her two siblings are Jonas and Jennifer.

Jade is a simple girl with a lot of dreams...dreams which are suddenly coming into reality. She is very fun of small children, and her passionate is writing poems and short stories. As a matter of fact she has her own collection of poems. She loves reading classical books (phantom of the opera, anakarenina, Madame Bovary to name some) watching television especially cartoons, and listening to music particularly rock, ballad, and acoustic. She had also read the book Purpose Driven Life. Her favorite local singers and band are: Nina, Kyla, Jay-r, Six Cyclemind, Brownman Revival, Parokya ni Edgar and M.Y.M.P.

Lets know her deeper...She is a Christian and vocally admitting her life before is just a matter of achieving her goals and life is only studying and having fun and after that life is Nothing and that's the end of everything. But when she had an intimate relationship with God and knows Him better she suddenly realize that there are a lot of things she have to do aside from those. She realized that God loves her no matter who she is and how imperfect she is. God has a planned for her and even though it is not clear as of now, she believes that God has plan is for her own good and that God's plan will come at the right time. She also realized that God created her for a purpose and that her life is not a waste but very important.