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Hello! I am Jennelyn and I was born on December 17, 1987. I am the 4th child in our family. I have four sisters namely Roselyn, Jocelyn, Marilyn and our youngest sister is Charlene. My father's name is Avelino and my mother's name is Rosanna.

Wanna know why I am called makah instead of jen or jenny? It is because the name Jennelyn is very common name and in my high school years we were three with the same name so my classmates called me in my surname but it seems that it is too long that's why it end it up with makah. And I think it is cute nickname ...hehehe

My hobbies are playing badminton and table tennis, reading books and listening radio you know I love music a lot!! The songs of M.Y.M.P., RnB, song of Cueshe, and love songs. But I love most is the Christian song!!! Like the song Still, My Redeemer Lives, Now that You're Near, Better Than Life, All Things are Possible and many more I am also fun of making something out of nothing. I like sweet foods especially chocolates and cakes. I also want to see different scenery and appreciate the beauty of the gifts of our Lord. I like stuff with smileys and butterfly!! Do you want to know why? Well, I just want to see smiley face specially people I want to meet because for me smiling face can lighten up the burdens we have and because our Awesome God want to see our beautiful smiles in appreciating His works despite of the problems we have. Butterflies because I like the life cycle of butterfly, from an ugly caterpillar going to a beautiful and colorful butterfly I compare it to my life now I am facing different stages of the game called life and now I am working to win to reach my vision in life and someday be the most colorful butterfly could ever see.I know it is not impossible especially now that I see the light through JESUS.

Now, I am happy what's happening in my life because in my past I am in darkness wandering for someone that could give me security and protection but now I found my Light! Who is now my Savior and my Lord Jesus. He always gave me hope and He strengthens me whenever I am weary and blue. He always makes me smile knowing that He will never leave me despite of my shortcomings and weakness. That's why I feel so blessed that I found my Best friend that will listened to me and give me advise. Through Jesus I found my purpose in life and why I exist in this world in Him I found peace and love I long for past 17 years of my life now I am working to give Him back the blessings I receive and to glorify His Holy Name.

This is me well, actually the space is not enough to tell my life story if you are interested to know me more my account is open to you to be my friend and you will know me even more Bye bye for now!!! Hope you enjoy viewing!!! God Bless!!!